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Episcopal Retirement Communities

We at Episcopal Retirement Communities invite you to expect more. As a non-profit, we offer the best deal in town — no buy-ins and no dividends paid to investors or private owners mean affordability and that resources are reinvested in our communities and services. Our experienced leadership and the Christian philosophy further allow us to work with compassion and determination to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Come! Explore our site, and see the benefits of choosing an “ERC” community.

Alcohol and Medications

Christmas spirit sometimes arrives in the form of alcoholic spirits. It’s very easy to indulge in a glass of wine, a hot buttered rum, or spiked eggnog. However, for those on medication – particularly elderly adults – it can be dangerous. Drinking even a little alcohol when you’re taking certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs can …
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Seniors and Loneliness

Loneliness can strike at any age. For seniors loneliness can cause serious health consequences, raising the risks of an earlier-than-expected death and the loss of physical functioning, this according to a study conducted by the University of California.   Aging experts are saying the number of seniors affected by loneliness is growing. What really is loneliness? …
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I believe in angels! If my next stop has angels they’ll have to be very special ones to top the ones around me now.
– Edie Morgan