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Episcopal Retirement Communities

We at Episcopal Retirement Communities invite you to expect more. As a non-profit, we offer the best deal in town — no buy-ins and no dividends paid to investors or private owners mean affordability and that resources are reinvested in our communities and services. Our experienced leadership and the Christian philosophy further allow us to work with compassion and determination to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Come! Explore our site, and see the benefits of choosing an “ERC” community.

A Rainbow of Choices

Summer is here! Let the eating of colorful summer fruits and vegetables begin. The red strawberries, blue blueberries, and green spinach – eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors help our senior receive a broad range of nutrients. Enjoying our meals begins with our eyes; color and presentation play a big part on …
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Going To A Home Vs. Staying Home

Have you ever heard: “I’m too young to move there”, “I’ll never send my parents to a home,” or “I’m just too active”?  All of those are common phrases we hear every day.  The images of elderly loved ones sitting in a cold, sterile building just waiting for visits or waiting to die are stereotypes …
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I believe in angels! If my next stop has angels they’ll have to be very special ones to top the ones around me now.
– Edie Morgan