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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does ERC’s “not-for-profit difference” mean? All earnings are put back into Canterbury Manor,  St. Andrew’s Place and Canterbury Care Center. For-profit communities, on the other hand, divvy up their earnings to investors or private owners.
  2. While living in an ERC community, what if I outlive my savings? We will never ask a resident to leave one of our communities due to lack of funds.
  3. Is there something for me even if my income is limited? At Canterbury Manor, a minimum of 16 apartments are “set aside units” for residents whose income does not exceed 50% or 80% of the average income of Kitsap County. St. Andrew’s Place is the only non-profit assisted living community on the North Olympic Peninsula accepting Medicaid seniors upon admittance.
  4. What about homeowner’s insurance? Homeowner’s insurance is not necessary.
  5. Am I exempt from paying property taxes while living at Canterbury Manor or St. Andrew’s Place? Yes. You’ll have no property taxes, as you are simply renting.
  6. What are ERC’s safety measures? For our independent and assisted living communities, we provide 24-hour staff assistance, and each resident has a call button that can be used to call for help when needed. At Canterbury Care Center (CCC), participants spend the day in a safe environment — CCC provides the security of door alarms and CPR, first aid and food handler certified staff.
  7. Are your communities governed by strict rules? At ERC, there is no set schedule. You choose how to live your day-to-day life!
  8. Are pets allowed in the independent senior and assisted living communities? Your furry friend is welcome.
  9. Is ERC part of the Church? It is separate but affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.
  10. Do I have to be Episcopalian? No. We do business in accordance with the federal Fair Housing Act. We DO NOT discriminate nor tolerate the discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.